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Everyday Bookkeeping Services is designed to meet the needs of a small business that may typically need the services of a bookkeeper on a part-time basis typically for 1 or 2 days per week/month.

Clients are usually looking for someone to

  • Prepare Vat Returns
  • Prepare PAYE Returns
  • Look after the Wages/Salaries Calculations
  • Input data into an Accounts package
  • Run their Accounts Receivable/Payable functions
  • Sort the Office Filing and act as an external “Office Administrator”

We provide this service, and by using our service you will of course eliminate all the problems involved with a Part-time/Full-time employee fulfilling this role as there is no employment contract, holiday pay/unfair dismissal problems or associated employee issues.
You also save the 10.75% employers prsi contribution.

With your Everyday Bookkeeping function outsourced, you are always in control and can cancel the service at a days notice!